Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tutorial: Pieced Paper Chevron Background

Chevron is all the rage in papercrafting right now. And with good reason! It's bold. It's fun. And there are so many ways to use it! 

Lately, I've seen a few chevron backgrounds made with the Silhouette that I adore. But... there's one problem. I don't actually own a Silhouette machine at this moment. So, I decided I had to figure out a way to make it on my own. Here's what I did. 

First, gather your supplies. You'll need a sheet of white cardstock that measures 9x10 inches. You'll need to cut 1" strips from some patterned and solid colored cardstock to make the chevrons. Also, grab a hexagon punch, a clear ruler, and pencil and some adhesive.

To make the chevrons, insert your 1" strips of paper in the hexagon punch as shown above. Don't worry too much about getting them exactly straight. Perfect is not the goal here. But, if you like, you can mark the center of the paper with your pencil to give yourself a guide. 

You'll want to cut several lengths of paper.  All different sizes is good.

Now we can start arranging the papers. I like to have a bit of a white border around the outside, so I went ahead and marked it lightly with my ruler and pencil. Start at either the top or bottom of a column and start gluing them down in a line. If you're nervous about getting them all straight, just make another guide line with our pencil. Also, I like when things appear to hang off the page a little. To get this look, simply cut a chevron in half and start with that piece.

All finished! As you can see, I've left a few spots open, just for more interest. After you have everything in place, you can use it as-is or cover it with a light coat of matte gel medium or paper ModPodge. Either will do wonders at keeping everything in place. Don't forget to erase your pencil lines first!

And there you go!  A custom, gorgeous background for your layouts or cards. Who needs a machine??
(Ok... to be honest, I want one... we'll get there). 

Hope you had fun!

Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY . Cupcake Paper Flowers

 Valentine's Day is oddly my favorite holiday to decorate for. I'm not sure what it is about all the hearts and red and pink and polka dots that makes my heart flutter, but it does! And it will be here before you know it! 

While trying to come up with some new decorations for this year, I stumbled across some red gingham and pink polka dot cupcake liners in my stash. Yep... that will work. Flowers? You can never go wrong with flowers!

All you need is some liners, pipe cleaners, a push pin and some wire snips.  Easy Peasy!


Start by stacking 8 or so liners and flatten them out in your hand. Then use the push pin to make a hole right in the middle of your stack. 

Thread the pipe cleaner through the hole and secure by rolling the end or attaching a cute brad or button. 

 Then, all you have to do is use your fingers to scrunch the papers up together and fluff them out.

Place your bouquet in a pitcher or jar or whatever and love them to bits!

Oh! You can also check out a heart "wreath" I made with felt from last year! It hangs in my kitchen year round! Let's go!